Welcome to Saidafarm

Saidafarm OÜ is an ecological farm owned by 8 people and created in 1992. Since its inception, our farm has never used chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We are convinced that fertilizing our fields solely with manure compost enables us to produce healthy milk and milk products. When we began as an ecological farm, we looked to Swedish, Finnish and German farmers for inspiration.

Saidafarm has 22 employees and we currently have 150 dairy cows and approximately 300 animals altogether, if we include the young animals (heifers, calves and bulls). We make all of our animal feed ourselves. The farm has approximately 1,000 hectares of land, which provides enough hay, silo and grain. As we are an ecological farm, all our animals are kept free-range. The main advantage of free-range farming is that the animals have the freedom of choice – they can decide where they want to eat and rest. We milk our cows on a milking area that fits 10 cows and have only one milker milking the cows at a time.


The Production

We have been processing all our milk in our small dairy since 1994. The farm’s truck delivers our delicious products to the consumers five days a week. We produce various types of curd, cream cheese, yoghurt and cheese. We produce a total of 19 different products that are sure to satisfy both the sweet-tooth and the cheese fanatic. The customers’ favourites include our cocoa and raising curds, cream cheeses with kama and sea buckthorn jam, Saida cheeses with cumin and garlic and dill, as well as our soft feta-like white cheese with herbs. Many of our products have been awarded the Approved Estonian Taste (barn swallow) quality label.

Although we lack a specific product development team, we constantly strive for product development and aim at launching a new product each year. Professional training with other dairy farms has helped a lot, but the main contribution still comes from our industrious staff, whose ideas and attempts have led to the creation of all our products. The most recent products to be added to our product selection are our cream cheese with blackcurrant jam, natural vanilla yoghurt and seasoned cheese cubes in oil. We also export our products to Finland, where they are sold under the Deliciest trademark.

Producing silo, hay and grain requires good equipment. We have acquired modern, highly efficient technology to replace the Soviet Era machines as the opportunities present themselves. We have two Claas harvesters, four Landini tractors, a New Holland tractor and a Volvo tractor with a scoop. We have also acquired the necessary equipment for producing hay and silo. Employee safety has been an important factor when acquiring new tractors. Good work performance can only be presumed provided the employee has good working conditions and a reasonable pay.



Each summer our farm hosts tens of busloads of tourists from all across the world. The tourists are introduced to our eco-dairy and animals and get to taste our products. A small shop that sells our milk as well as our other dairy products is located at the dairy. We have sponsored various sports, culture and educational events primarily directed at pupils. Saidafarm was awarded the Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award in 2013.


Tourism info and Contact

We are welcoming tourist groups of various sizes to visit us. One visit includes a greeting drink with snacks (warm food can also be ordered), introduction of the farm and a visit to the production.

Duration ca 1.5 to 2 hours.  Furhter information:saidafarm@saidarm.ee


Our address: Terjatu tee 1, Lehetu Village,  Saue Parish, Harju County, Estonia, 76204

Juhan Särgava: Phone: +372 505 7441

e-mail: saidafarm@saidafarm.ee